Best Creation Out of Mishap

I was thinking about past family gatherings with the boys (Jack and Michael) and the industry parties I am blessed to cater. Recently, I had a mishap in the kitchen and instead of going into a tizzy, I looked at what I had and reshaped my meal. This I learned a long time ago when I was on day two on preparations for Thanksgiving. I was in dessert mode. I made bienenstich (bee hive cake) that was my mother’s recipe. I also made German chocolate mini pies. Okay, it wasn’t suppose to be mini pies but this is what happened…

I started out on target. I got the ingredients together for the pie crust. I had the lard, flour, ice water, salt and combined the ingredients together. I made my dough disk and put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. It was longer because I was in the process of doing the vanilla pudding for the bienenstich.

I took out the pie dough and went to roll it out when I remembered I had broken my 9-inch glass pie pan. It was a couple of months ago and, as usual, I kept forgetting to replace it. I only had 11-inch pie pans in the cupboard. Now what do I do? Do I make more dough? As I looked around the kitchen and realized I had picked two desserts that require a lot of time to make, I quickly threw that idea out. So now what?

I looked across the room and saw the 12-muffin cup pan on the metal rack. Hmmm… I took the pan down and put it on the counter. I took a piece of tinfoil and molded it inside one of the muffin cups. I then took the foil and smoothed it out. I placed it on top of the dough and made the pie disks. Then I put them in the muffin cup. Voila, now I have mini pie cups. They came out perfectly.

When it comes to working in the kitchen, be innovative. Take those mishaps or unforeseen blocks and be creative. They just may become your best creation yet.

Until next time do what Chef Dina does: make life a delicacy!


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