Food, Laughter, Life and Love

Recently someone asked me what draws me to create in the kitchen? What inspires me to create meals and dishes? I quickly responded that I love the art of creating. As I sit here thinking about it, it’s more than just the creation. In my opinion anyone can produce a beautiful dish. Some are just naturals, while others are able to do it through learning. What drives someone to spend countless hours in the kitchen, and (being from Texas and now LA) a lot of times in a very hot kitchen? Not only the hours spent in the kitchen, but also the hours hunched over the computer putting down those creations in a file for keepsake, or into a cookbook. My passion is centered around food, laughter, life and love.

Whenever I think about some of the best times in my life, I realize that most of those times were either in the kitchen, around the dining room table or sitting at a restaurant. These are gathering spots for family, friends and guests. Where you have a glass in hand and maybe, just maybe, the cook will let you have a taste test before dinner is served.

For me, the process of putting ingredients together to see if I can make them work is fun. To come up with a dish for a specific person, occasion or friends is just so gratifying. And when we gather around to enjoy those creations, we make memories that last forever. It’s not just about the meal that creates the memories, but oh it does spur them on! These memories are filled with laughter and love. It doesn’t get much better than that, and to think I had a small part in making those memories for others, well, that is truly a gift for me.

My head is filled with memories cooking with my sons. The laughter in the kitchen and the eagerness for them to have someone sample what they made is priceless. This is where we talked not only about the food, but about life as well. It is truly amazing how sharing a meal can create such beautiful images of laughter, life and love. These memories will last me a life time.

So what draws me to create in the kitchen? It’s a passion to put ingredients together that are not only delicious, but also lead to gathering around the table, sharing in the created dish and making memories with food, laughter, life and love.

Until next time do what Chef Dina does: make life a delicacy!


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