What Would You Want as Two Food Items on a Desert Island?

I once was asked during an audition for a cooking show, if stranded on a desert island, what two foods would I want? Hmmm, as I thought to that morning before I came to the audition, the panic that set in at the realization I was out of ghost and scorpion peppers.

It was true. I was in a panic. I ran out of peppers with no plants bearing any fruit. I tried a few places where I thought I had seen markets selling them, but found none. Now, what am I to do? I only had one jar of ghost pepper jelly left after giving ample jars away. My scorpion pepper toffee depleted. As I once posted, "Sometimes I feel like a dealer for family, friends, and neighborhood. I am sorry I am out of scorpion pepper crunchy toffee. No, I do not know when I am making them again. Yes, I will let you know when I make a new batch."

After the interview, which I mumbled an answer to their question, as a last-ditch effort, I went to a place I know that has been consistent in selling items that were hard to find. As I was driving there, I was thinking, "what two items could I not live without if I was stranded on a desert island and allowed to bring them with me, because as we all know, we have advance knowledge of knowing when and where we will be stranded!"

The first, of course, that popped into my head, was a ghost or scorpion pepper plant. One, because I love the fruitiness of the pepper itself. Two, I could hide the flavor of an awful thing I had to eat (like ants!) in which if I added enough peppers, the heat would kill my taste buds, and I wouldn't taste a thing.

The second would be chickens. The scenario did not state how many of the two items I would get. So I will be greedy and think I would get at least three of whatever I chose, which means three pepper plants and three chickens (hopefully one a rooster). This way I would get eggs, and eventually breed more chickens to have, well, chicken. And the peppers would go perfectly with either eggs or chickens.

Well, since I won't be stranded on a desert island soon, I hope I still can venture out and try to find my peppers.

Crisis averted because, viola, I found them at the market where I had seen them before. I bought quite a few peppers. So now I think I need to expand my pepper recipe repertoire and come up with some new ones for me, and you, to enjoy. Panic averted with a dollop of scorpion pepper honey mayonnaise on my hamburger.

Until next time do what Chef Dina does: make life a delicacy!


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