David Gere-PGA
  "Dr. David Webster"

"Circle of 3's" follows small-town sheriff Crayton  Jefferson as a routine missing-persons investigation leads to a more profound mystery.

Crayton finds himself in a life or death struggle with an ancient evil that threatens all he holds dear and tests his very will to survive. 

    Derek Michalek
    "Crayton Jefferson"
Neville Archambault
"Ranger Steele"
Logan Riley Bruner
"Lester Jefferson-Green"

Writers:  Mark Todd Bruner & Logan Riley Bruner

                    Director: Mark Todd Bruner

                          Executive Producers:

                Mark Todd Bruner, Dina Barton

    Filming   Sept. 2021ding 1

Mark Todd Bruner

Dina Barton

We are seeking a budget of $3,000,000 with investment blocks as low as $25,000.00. 

  • After 120% recoupment, the net profit is split 50/50 between the production company and the investors. Equity Investor receives their respective proportionate share of fifty percent (50%) of the Adjusted Net Proceeds from the exploitation of the Picture, if any, on a pro rate, pari pass basis. (The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Adjusted Net Proceeds, if any, shall be distributed within the sole discretion of the Picture’s producers)

  • On the investment side, your individual investment reflects the percentage of the film you own.   There can be no further dilution of the investor’s percentage.  Once your percentage is assigned, it cannot decrease.


Thank you for considering joining us in this very exciting venture. Please click on the Contact Tab above to express your interest.


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