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The Series

The choices you make, have consequences!

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Western, Drama


 Director : Mark Todd Bruner

Writers: Mark Todd Bruner and Dina Barton

Destiny is a supernatural thriller that follows Marshall Frank Dillon and Samantha Russell, the grandchildren of legendary heroes. They have been tasked with helping people meet their Destiny.

Michael Patrick McGill             Marshal Frank Dillon

Pilot Episode

Derek Michalek                           George Riley

 Director : Mark Todd Bruner

 Director : Mark Todd Bruner

 Director : Mark Todd Bruner


The old west meets the new world. Our heroes can meet anyone they choose in any period, whether in the past, present, or future, to assist them as they face their Destiny.

The series aims at suspense, action, western and supernatural fans, who are ready for facing the consequences with a twist.

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