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The Series

The choices you make, have consequences!

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Western, Drama


 Director : Mark Todd Bruner

Writers: Mark Todd Bruner and Dina Barton

Take a trip through time in this fresh and creative play on fate. Follow Marshall Dillon and his accomplice, Samantha, as they transform into new characters, setting out to align folks with their destiny, exemplifying the power of choice. Through each episdoe, characters dance between right and wrong, justice and revenge, all experienced alongside Deputy Marshall and his comrades. But the lawmen cannot interfere with reality or alter fate; they can only offer perspective and be present when someone may need support. Destiny lies in the choices one makes. We reap the consequesnces of our own actions, good or bad.

Michael Patrick McGill             Marshal Frank Dillon

Pilot Episode

Derek Michalek                           George Riley

 Director : Mark Todd Bruner


Destiny, Texas, is an uncharted town located somewhere between life and the afterlife. In this town, you'll find the headquarters of the time-traveling officers who chase criminals and protect victims, helping guide them to their intimate fate. If you arrive in Destiny, you can be assured you've left the physical world.

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